The Sustainable Parenting Association (SPA) is a Not For Profit Group based on the Sunshine Coast which services aimed at assisting parents and parents-to-be make more environmentally friendly and sustainable parenting choices.

By choosing products which are eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable and kinder to the planet parents are making a choice to improve the health of their families, reduce the carbon footprint their family leaves on the planet and more often than not, make considerable financial savings.

SPA operates a Modern Cloth Nappy Library giving parents the ability to experience modern cloth nappies prior to committing to purchasing a set for their own family. SPA also conducts monthly Modern Cloth Nappy workshops on at various locations around the Sunshine Coast.

The Sustainable Parenting Association also supports Waste-Free Lunch Initiatives in local schools and has a fantastic ‘BPA-Free for Me’ fundraising program available.

Supporting, educating and nurturing parents are our core goals and hand in hand with this SPA also provides education through workshops about correct baby-wearing. A worn baby is a happier baby and we all know happy baby happy mum!